Courage for your spines!

Courage for your spines!


Worried about Mandates? Get yourself tooled up here! (READ THIS FIRST, BEFORE OTHER LINKS) Understand where you stand legally (highlighted for your convenience, 2 min read and you'll understand that you're BULLETPROOF & LEGAL!!) here >>


Now that you've read the above and are feeling bulletproof, download the templates you need from the below web addresses:


Download documents to protect yourself legally here >>


To order cheap and TGA approved PCR testing ($16.50 each) - this will enable you to operate LEGALLY without being vaccinated, send an email to and we will put you in touch with our supplier (all legal!)


Fired/Let go unlawfully? Get help here >>


Please share this video...we MUST educate our Aussie mates. No knowledge = no POWER. Education IS power. Share this video to help educate.   


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