List Your Business - PANDEMIC

How we're helping YOU to rebuild!


Has your business been affected by the current pandemic situation, and you're now asking yourself, "how will I rebuild?"


  • Are you struggling to hold onto your valuable staff who really do not want to be 'vaccinated'?
  • Are you feeling torn between doing what you think is the right thing while also wanting to keep your staff?
  • Are you turning away business to unvaccinated clients and customers because you think you have to?


And all the while, your rent, utilities, as well as numerous other outstanding commitments in your business are piling up as you struggle to get enough trade through your door.


You've followed the ever-changing guidelines as best as you knew how and now more than ever, you really need someone in your corner.


We get it!


At Fair Business Australia, we understand how difficult it has been for small businesses over the last two years. The constant changes in mandates and restrictions, false hope delivered by the government, navigating the challenges of social media battles and even the uncertainty of the Australian economy itself!


Fair Business Australia is a small business alliance. We were created by small business owners, FOR small business owners, just like yourself.


We're standing for small business independence so that you can stand for freedom of choice for your customers.... without fear of governmental and police reprisal.


We're standing against big business and overseas giants who are squeezing out the locals. We are already standing for the future of small businesses across our nation, and we would love to stand for you as well.


With thousands of like-minded people across our socials and web platform, you are sure to find a customer in your local area who wants to shop with a friendly,
inclusive business.


Every business listing comes with educational, legal packs covering mandates, QR codes, police presence, fines, your rights, employee rights and more. You are sure to have your pressing questions answered through our small business, friendly site.


If you are tired of navigating these uncertain times alone, we stand with you. So why not join our growing community at Fair Business Australia?


If you would love to see more money come IN the door and confidently serve more people, the Fair Business Australia directory is what you have been looking for!


If you believe that small business is worth fighting for in Australia, join the ever-growing number of small business owners as we move forward, together, for a Fairer Australia!


List Your Business with us today!


* Fair Business Australia is proud to donate 10% of all packages sold to our legal support fund, so that as a small business community, we may continue to support those that have received unlawful fines during the Covid-19 mandates.
Every business who purchases a listing with us will receive updates as to how these funds are helping in the community.
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