Support Small Businesses

100% of your pledge will go towards fighting small business fines!


This money will NOT be used for any admin/website costs. It will stay in a seperate account for use if/when a Fair Business Australia member is targeted with legal recourse. 


The finances will then be used towards paying for legal fees. Any win sets a precedent for small business!! If the only thing standing in your way of pushing back is the fear of legal costs.....then let's pass around the hat and see what we can come up with as a community.


After donating today, you will receive regular updates as to how much money is in the 'Pledge Hat'. I (Rebecca) value FULL transparency for ALL involved in this small business journey.


If you have not yet listed your business with us, please do so. The more businesses we have on the platform, the more support we can offer each other and local customers who value medical privacy!!!


Please note:

  • This donation is NOT tax deductible.
  • This donation will be stored in a seperate account and NOT used for website or admin costs
  • This donation will be used for small business legal fees only as per a needs basis.
  • You will receive regular updates as to the amount in the account/when it is being used
  • We are completely user funded. Without your support, there will not BE any support. Thank you for your generosity.
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