Business Donation Program

What is the 'Business Donation Program'?


Tracy believes in freedom and privacy. She wants to keep her medical records private. She does not want to prove her vaccination status to visit a big retail store.

Tracy wants to support the Australian economy. She does not want to shop online with foreign-owned platforms whose profits go overseas. She decides to try our platform.

Bob also believes in freedom and privacy. He thinks that a customer’s vaccination status is between them and their doctor. Visitors to his store do not need to prove their vaccination status.
Bob cannot compete with big retailers. He cannot afford big tech advertising. He decides to invest a small amount to advertise on our platform.

Using the NoVaxID platform, Tracy found Bob’s store. Tracy chose the vacuum cleaner that she wanted and is very happy to spend her money locally.

Bob is very happy to have a new customer. He is also pleased that the money he invested in the platform goes back into his local community.
Bob and Tracy decide to become members of the NoVaxID platform. They are happy that money is being raised for the benefit of their local area. They are pleased that their membership allows them to be able to tender suggestions and vote on how these monies are spent.
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The story doesn’t end there! The local community decides that the children’s playground needs an overhaul. Tracy‘s husband, Jason, is in construction. Jason‘s boss always does a good job, so the community votes to give his company the project.

Tracy and Jason are delighted. Their children will have a decent playground and Jason can work locally for a while. 

Jason’s boss loves this new initiative. He likes working with locals. It is more satisfying than working on major corporate projects and he knows that he will be paid as soon as the work is completed.

Bob is pleased to see that the money he spent advertising on the platform has been used for something worthwhile. 

It is a win for the local community, Jason’s boss, Bob, Tracy, Jason and their children. The only ones to miss out are the foreign online giants and major retail chains.


Will you join us and list your business and / or shop on our platform today? Together, we can ensure a FAIR GO for our communities and help to re-build Australia. 

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