What is included in a Silver/Gold Membership?

You will get a LIFETIME membership to our back office educational resource area that includes:

  • Tips, tricks, tools and hacks - DIY + Access to partner store discounts covering the below and more topics/services (we will be adding new content on a weekly basis)
    • Social media
    • Insurance
    • Taxation
    • SEO/SEM
    • Marketing
    • Coaching/mindset
    • Accounting/bookkeeping
  • Access to Masterclasses
  • Updates for social gatherings and events near to you
  • Discounts for further services through Fair Business Australia as we roll them out/

    I'd like to become a partner store and gain access to your social following?

    We are always looking to partner with good and solid people. We have 33k and growing on our social media. We are also grandfathering to the new platform, 1000+ businesses who registered for the previous platform. 

    To register your interest to become a partner stores please complete the following:

    1. List your business at either Silver/Gold level
    2. Submit your application HERE

    Please note that we only allow partner stores who operate with the highest of integrity. If you or tour business is found lacking in a any way (you're not focussed on rebuilding others whilst you rebuild yourself), you will be asked to give account. Further complaints about your conduct will result in being struck off the platform and no refunds will be given for your membership.


    Who Is Behind Fair Business Australia?

    Fair Business Australia started out with a dedicated handful of likeminded business owners, committed to seeing small businesses thrive, regardless of governmental pressure. We are bi-partisan (unless a third party is created that will fight for us - Labor and Liberal haven't done so well) and answer only to small business owners.


    We have zero funding from big investors, therefore we are free to quickly pivot and make decisions based on what will be best for small business owners. We have zero shareholders and as such will operate like a not-for-profit (social enterprise)


    We offer tools and resources to help YOU grow your business the way you want. You're in charge of your business and we're here to help you rebuild! Our only rule to joining and being a part of this platform is that you conduct your business dealings with utmost integrity at all ties, so that everyone wins as we rebuild small business across our Nation.


    Where Does My Business Listing Money Go?

    All profit is goes back into the small business community by way of improvements to the platform, tools and resources for local business owners and, as funds grow, hiring more locals for support roles through the platform.


    We also look to become the largest eCommerce marketplace, so that local dollars can be kept within local communities. Rather than placing items for sale on foreign owned marketplaces, list with Fair Business Australia, know that as we are 100% Aussie owned, your money will go back to where it is needed most - our National economy and local communities!


      How Can I Spread The Word?

      We're so glad you're keen to help! As you know with big tech, advertising is not an avenue we will be able to go down. This means that YOU are the way to spread the word!


      You can help get the word out by doing the following:

      • Commenting on our posts regularly. This helps to improve our algorithms
      • Sharing our App with your network! It's the fastest way to spread the word about who we are and what we're doing. DOWNLOAD THE APP HERE 


        How Can I Get More Involved?

        We're thrilled that you see the vision and want to get involved!


        Here's how YOU can help us grow and rebuild small businesses across our Nation

        1. List your business on our platform - we are a directory as a well as eCommerce so we cater to both product and service based businesses.
        2. Download our app so that you can keep up to date with what's going on with the Fair Business Australia community 
        3. Comment and share daily on our social posts. It's the best way to improve our algorithms and get the word out to your network. You can also download our social posts and share them to your page. That will be a huge help!


        I Need Legal Help!

        We are not a legal firm. We are business owners. If you have received a fine or need legal help, then please reach out to our partnership legal support here  

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