Why The Shopify Platform?

Coding a website from scratch takes a LOT of time and financial resources. As speed is of the essence, its has been decided to leverage the Shopify platform as long as possible for the following reasons:

  • No limits to listings (we can easily list 1000's of businesses at no extra cost)
  • Ability to search using tags (searchability is key to customers quickly finding business. Shopify's tagging system easily enables this)
  • Robust payment platform (connecting to Stripe ensures that we can quickly take business payment without the need for manual staff transactions, further reducing overheads)
  • Ready made analytics (with reporting readily available without the need for coding, up to date reporting for business owners is assured)
  • Ease of use (online shopping is booming. Shopify is a preferred site for many business owners, meaning that customers are used to seeing it and navigating the platform)


Who Is Behind No Vax I.D./Fair Business Australia?

No Vax I.D. is a small business alliance. We started out with a dedicated handful of likeminded business owners, committed to seeing small businesses thrive, regardless of governmental pressure. We are bi-partisan (unless a third party is created that will fight for us - Labor and Liberal haven't done so well) and answer only to small business owners.


We have zero funding from big investors, therefore we are free to quickly pivot and make decisions based on what will be best for small business owners.


As we are 100% funded by small business owners, all major decisions will be decided upon by the business owners that make up our organisation. This ensures a 'round-table' approach for all.


Where Does My Business Listing Money Go?

All profit is goes back into the small business community by way of improvements to the platform, tools and resources for local business owners and, as funds grow, hiring locals who have found themselves out of work through 'no jab, no job'. 


We also look to become the largest eCommerce marketplace, so that local dollars can be kept within local communities...rather than placing items for sale on foreign owned marketplaces, list with Fair Business Australia, know that as we are 100% not-for-profit, your money will go back to where it is needed most - small businesses!


    How Can I Spread The Word?

    We're so glad you're keen to help! As you know with big tech, advertising is not an avenue we will be able to go down. This means that YOU are the way to spread the word!


    You can help get the word out by doing the following:

    • Change your Profile Pic:
      • Right now, Facebook is restricting new frames. To overcome this issue, please download your choice of a facebook profile frame overlay HERE.
      • Use this online overlay TOOL to create your image.
      • Upload your image to your profile.
    • Email your friends and family.
    • Post about us to social media.
      • You can download images we've created HERE.
      • You can create your own images, using our templates, HERE.


    How Can I Get More Involved?

    Are you able o help? Great! We'd love to hear from you! Please get in touch using our VOLUNTEER FORM  and we will be in touch with you as soon as we can (thanks in advance for your patience...as you can imagine we are getting a LOT of interest from Aussies, just like you!


    I Received A Fine / I Need Legal Help!

    We are not a legal firm. We are business owners. If you have received a fine or need legal help, then please contact ADVOCATE ME. They will be able to offer advice and help during these unprecedented times.


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