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(Without Wasting More Time Or Money?)


Fair Business Australia Has Proudly Partnered With An Ex-McDonalds Global Industry Leader!

Together, We've Launched A Brand New eCommerce Platform To Help Aussie Small Businesses REBUILD!…


Fair Business Australia's Marketplace eCommerce Platform will enable you to sell your products and services for less.

We'll help you get in front of more Aussies who want to shop local so you can rebuild your small business and come out stronger and healthier than you were, even before Covid! 

❌  STOP spending hundreds to thousands of dollars on marketing!

❌  STOP trying to compete with Big Business websites!

❌  STOP paying high seller fees to foreign owned platforms!

Fair Business Marketplace is the breakthrough, 100% Aussie owned platform that will bring you more traffic and more sales with lower seller fees plus save you time and money on your business marketing!


At the start of 2022, Fair Business Australia proudly partnered with a multi-national, ex-McDonald's industry leader (he's got over 20+ years of leadership experience with teams and systems!!) to develop a breakthrough and revolutionary, all Australian owned directory and eCommerce platform, that’ll bring YOU more customers + more sales with lower seller fees, whilst saving you time and marketing dollars along the way! 


Plus, because Fair Business Australia is proudly 100% Aussie owned and committed to rebuilding local small businesses, you can feel confident that your business dollars are going back into the local Australian economy, not into foreign-owned, big business pockets.

Does this sound like you??..... 

Most small business owners struggle to carve out enough time in the day just to operate their core business, let alone to find more hours for all the extra admin and marketing tasks that demand attention. We're always trying to do it all ourselves! 

No Marketing = No Traffic = No Customers = No Sales = NO BUSINESS!
As business owners, we know this....and so we work harder to try and do it all on a small business budget!


The pressure for small business owners can seem incredibly overwhelming at times…add to that the pain of past pandemics and the threat of future lockdowns and closures and it can really all seem too much to even the savviest of small business owners! 

What's Your Small Business Costing You Right NOW?... 

Right now you’re probably spending hundreds or thousands of dollars to try to compete against big business you’re probably spending hours of precious, would be family time, on sales and social media marketing (that you’re not skilled enough at and get frustrated by)….and you're probably still not getting ahead….plus your family is likely suffering because you’re never there. Is it worth it all?  

STOP THROWING AWAY YOUR TIME & MONEY... By Trying To Do It All Yourself!


Instead of spending your hard-earned money and precious family time on facebook ads, copywriting, social media posts, SEO, website upkeep and all the other daily tasks you hate (and feel guilty for not getting to when you should!), you could be leveraging the power of a 100% Aussie owned, small business focussed platform, with dedicated tech teams, marketing teams, admin support + more, to help you get your small business to where you’d love it to be, post-Covid - and even better than before the lockdowns started! 

Get Started On A Platform That's Easy To Use And Will Help You Scale Your Business! 

The Fair Business Marketplace is simple enough to use for even the most tech-challenged business owner. You’ll learn how to set up your own business listing website, hosted on our platform and how to list your products using step by step video tutorials...if you get stuck, our help desk and marketing gurus are here to help!

By listing with Fair Business Marketplace, you’ll be able to:

  Win back more precious time

  Generate more product sales

  Close more business customers

✅  Leverage the power of a large, 100% Aussie owned platform

  Pay lower seller fees than on foreign-owned platforms

  Access back-office tools for a fraction of the price you’d pay individually elsewhere


There's A Reason You're Feeling Overwhelmed!

By now, you have an idea how much of an investment (expense!) your small business is costing you in addition to your actual workday each week. Hours of time and hundreds of dollars on back-end office tasks, SEO, social media marketing and much more….and the ever-present stress of knowing that you’ll never be able to keep up with the massive budgets and man-power of the big guys, or when the next snap lockdown may come.

Times have changed dramatically. The last two years has seen an unprecedented amount of change. They're calling it 'The New Normal'. If you ask me, I'd be calling it 'The New Awful'!


If your business isn’t pivot-ready to up-skill, rebuild and protect itself in this post-pandemic, foreign-owned digital world, you’re finished! 

?Do you have a plan to rebuild post-Covid?

?Do you have a plan on how to future-proof your business against further global crises?

?Are you ready to pivot in your business so you can rebuild and scale for growth? 


At Fair Business Australia, we've got BIG plans for Small Business!


What you’re about to get access to is such a breakthrough, game-changing initiative for Aussie small businesses, that big business would never have thought of it. 

Even my McDonalds industry leader partner had to actually QUIT his role as a global leader in the industry to figure it out!


The small business community has been begging for someone to put together a community focussed with lower seller fees, Aussie-owned, shop-local, small business platform... complete with dedicated help-desk and marketing teams plus DIY tools, tricks, tips and hacks for small business marketing, admin and back-office needs…all without having to spend more time and money to get more traffic, more customers and more sales! 

Small business was desperate for it. Local shopper communities wanted it….it just hadn’t been offered yet. Why? Because big tech and big business are simply too big to care about the little guy. And the Australian Government just doesn't understand what small business actually needs. Fair Business Australia is different.

Fair Business Australia Is Refreshingly Different To Any Other Marketplace Platform You've Used

Now you can rebuild post-Covid, future proof against global crises and scale and grow your business through the 100% Aussie Owned Fair Business Marketplace platform; 

◦ generating traffic for you,

◦ lower seller fees

 more customers,

 more sales,

 better marketing,

 back-office admin tools,

 help desk support,

 access to partner discounts,

 an educational library that's constantly being updated with tools that small business owners actually need

and much, much more all for a one-off lifetime subscription for your business!

 Why are we offering so much? Because at Fair Business Australia OUR MISSION IS TO HELP REBUILD AUSSIE SMALL BUSINESS. 

We’re not like big tech, big business or big government because we don’t answer to shareholders or bureaucrats. We’re community-owned and community focussed and we always will be.

Here’s Why You And Other Aussie Small Businesses Are Struggling To Rebuild…

You’ve probably noticed that most, if not all small business owners are a one man band. They’re doing the service or product they offer to their but they’re also trying to juggle the admin, back-office tasks, marketing jobs, tech team jobs and everything else that goes into running a small business.

There’s never enough hours in the day and there’s never enough time to outsource the work that must be done. Which means that most small business owners fail in the first 1-5 years. You’re not the only one struggling to keep your head about water.

Add to this the government’s response to the pandemic and short of a miracle, more than 90% of small businesses simply won’t last the distance. The business owner suffers. Their families suffer, their community suffers and, because Australia’s economy is built upon small businesses, when small business suffers, the Nation suffers.

Remember... No Marketing = No Traffic = No Customers = No Sales = NO BUSINESS!

Plus you’ve also just gone ten rounds against a pandemic! You're going to need a lot more than a few extra hours in the day or a few extra dollars towards your marketing to rebuild and future-proof! 


At Fair Business Australia, we do small business differently! We focus on what actually works for Small Business Owners and how to systematise and automate your business as much as possible, for less money than what you’re probably already losing down the drain.

By listing with Fair Business Marketplace, you’ll be able to:

  Win back more precious time

  Generate more product sales

  Close more business customers

✅  Leverage the power of a large, 100% Aussie owned platform

  Pay lower seller fees than on foreign-owned platforms

  Access back-office tools for a fraction of the price you’d pay individually elsewhere


Fair Business Australia has reinvented the small business marketplace space for small business owners.

No other eCommerce or directory platform will offer you and your business a community focussed, with lower-fees, Aussie-owned, small business specific platform... complete with dedicated help-desk and marketing teams plus DIY tools, tricks, tips and hacks for small business marketing, admin and back-office needs all for a one-off lifetime subscription.

You won’t find it elsewhere. You will find it through Fair Business Australia!

Fair Business Marketplace Isn't Like Other eCommerce Platforms… 

At Fair Business Australia, as well as FAIRER seller fees, we’ll also include all the tools, resources, group training and information you need to pivot and rebuild following Covid and to be able to protect yourself and your business against future pandemics or unexpected times of crisis. You won't get that with other platforms.

All delivered via easy to use, step by step tutorials, face to face relationships, group and pre-recorded masterclasses, DIY tools and more, to save you time, win more business, sell more products and future-proof your business.

There are few things you need to keep in mind…

No platform can get your business more traffic and more sales overnight. It takes some time and work to rebuild, future-proof and scale for growth! Anyone who tells you differently is just trying to take your money.

But you’ll have help every step of the way through our simple to follow, step-by-step methods and lower-fees platform.

If you don’t sell products, you don’t pay fees.


And our one-off, lifetime membership (that enables you to sell, list and take advantage of our educational resource centre) will ensure no nasty surprises down the road for your bottom line.


That’s what makes Fair Business Marketplace the best rebuilding platform and future-proofing for Small Business Owners.

Remember, the best thing is that with our proven system, you don’t have to be a McDonalds global leader or have years of sales and marketing experience. You can still get amazing results, with just an internet connection, a keyboard and a desire to rebuild your business in a community setting…

Are you ready for lower seller fees and back-office tools, admin support, marketing tips, educational content and partner resources to help you rebuild your business?


What’s Included…

Our Small Business Rebuilding Platform gives you access to everything you need to know about rebuilding your business, all delivered through step by step tutorials, tips, tricks and DIY hacks and more, whilst we take care of generating more traffic for you, with lower seller fees than foreign-owned platforms.

By listing with Fair Business Marketplace, you’ll be able to:

  Rebuild your business, post Covid

  Future-proof your business against unexpected crises

  Win back more precious time

  Save more money

  Generate more product sales

  Close more business customers

✅  Leverage the power of a large, 100% Aussie owned platform

  Pay lower eCommerce fees than foreign-owned platforms

  Access back-office tools for a fraction of the price you’d pay individually elsewhere


You don't have to be an expert in sales, marketing, admin and all the other tasks that must be done to successfully run a small business on and offline, you just need to have access to the best information, resources and teams that can help you achieve their business goals! We'll provide that.

All you have to do to get results is join our growing online community and take our system for a test-drive! 

In only minutes, you’ll learn how to list your mini-site and your products and services. After that you can access the back office tools any time you like or outsource the work you hate for a fraction of the price you’d pay through big agencies. 

We're here to help you!


We're the only 100% Aussie owned, small business eCommerce platform complete with marketing, admin, tech, sales, partner resources and other helpful small-business informational offers you’ll find. 

You won't find this kind of platform anywhere else. I can pretty much guarantee you that. 

Plus because we here at Fair Business Australia want to set you up for success,  we're going to throw in some amazing bonuses that will help you fast-track your business rebuild.

When you list through Fair Business Marketplace today, you’ll also get: 

BONUS #1: Insurance Health Check

With all the uncertainty in the country right now, are you insured correctly against future lockdowns or crises?

Our simple checklist will show you whether you’ve sufficiently future-proofed your business or if you’re paying too much for the coverage you already have.

Get the coverage you need to operate well, without paying more than you need to! 

BONUS #2: Social Media Copywriting The Converts!

Do you hate writing social posts? Use this colour-by-numbers tool to cleverly turn your products and services into copywriting that your ideal client/customer will respond to.

Never draw a blank again when creating a social media post!

BONUS #3: Million Dollar Images

Ever wondered why a product that sells for less than a dollar through a dollar store can attract 10x the price through an online marketplace?! It’s likely due to the way the product is presented to the buyer.

Not all product images are created equally and in this class you’re going to learn how best to build value in your customer’s mind and turn a search-and-look into an 'I-want-that!' product purchase!


Everything you’ll need to rebuild and future-proof your business can be accessed today through the Fair Business Australia Marketplace platform. 


What Other Business Owners Are Saying About Fair Business Australia’s Marketplace Platform


I like that my customers are actively looking to hire a local for their job. It’s been so stressful competing against big business for work. Now, I don’t have to! - Dave


Listing my products was really easy and I love the lower seller fees than on other platforms. I also like that my fees are staying in Australia and not going to foreign-owned pockets. The reports and tools in my business back-end are easy to use and make end-of-quarter reporting much easier for me! - Sandy



❌  Stop wasting money on SEO and website maintenance.

  Stop spending precious time on marketing and admin tasks.

❌  Stop getting frustrated with low traffic and low sales and feeling like you're not getting ahead!

  Stop holding your breath waiting for the next snap-lockdown or global crises to again put your business into the red!

Start rebuilding your business today and look forward to:

 More traffic

 More sales

 Better tools

  More MONEY!

 More TIME!

 Lower Seller Fees


Now you’ve seen what Fair Business Australia’s Marketplace Platform has done for other small business owners...

What would this kind of support and tools mean for your business?

Fair Business Australia’s Rebuilder Toolkit Platform isn’t for everyone. And I can’t promise you’ll rebuild without using the tools consistently, so if you’re not the type of business owner interested in doing something until bringing results. This isn’t for you. 

And if you’re wanting to do business the same as you’ve always done it, this isn’t for you either.  

The Next Global Crisis Could Be Around The Corner!

What would another crisis mean for YOUR business?

I honestly don’t know when the next crisis for Australia could hit. I wish I knew. I simply don’t. I only know that Aussie small businesses won’t survive another 2 years like what we’ve just struggled through.

At Fair Business Australia, we want to give you and your business the best chance of future-proofing yourself, your family and your community against whatever may be around the corner.

We're doing this by helping you to align yourself with a community focussed, all Australian owned, community-focussed platform who’s intent on protecting small business and the people running them.

We’ve proven this already through the great work we’ve already been doing in the small business community.

If you’re an action taker who wants more traffic and more sales, with lower seller fees, with better back-office tools and to leverage marketing systems (or have your marketing done for you!), you’re in the right place!

Don’t wait... act now to start rebuilding, future-proofing and scaling your business! 




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