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About Us:

Since its inception in 2005, Ancient Approach Traditional Chinese Medicine has evolved to meet the needs of the increasing population of the Peel Region.

Shane has continued with his professional development since graduating over a decade ago and is registered with The Australian Natural Therapists Association (ANTA) and the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia(CMBA).

Shane may use various techniques of traditional Chinese Medicine. He has a particular interest in

Musculoskeletal concerns
All aspects of mental health
Back and neck pain concerns
All aspects of male & female fertility concerns
Shane is now joined by his wife Sarah, who graduated with a Bachelor of Health Science Degree. Sarah is also a Reiki Master, and has been practising for the last 15 years.

Sarah has particular interests in women's health, pediatric health and facial acupuncture.

How We're Handling Covid:

Until 3 weeks ago WA was Covid free. This is a whole new learning curve. We are adapting to the changing enviroment, daily.


Shane saved our vacation. I sprained my foot, ankle and knee on Rottnest Island on the 3rd day of a 2 week vacation in WA. I could only walk without severe pain by not bending my knee or ankle. After 1 treatment by Shane I was able to walk and had no further trouble with the knee or ankle for the duration of the vacation. Lynn Logen, from USA


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