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About Us:

Be Enchanted: Your Lifestyle Gift Store
Be Enchanted Art and Craft Gallery and Showroom is open in Foster Victoria. We still have our wide range of gemstones and crystals as well as incense and candles, jewellery, and of course our popular natural soap range. We also have a very wide range of hand crafted products that are exclusive to Be Enchanted.
Our resident artist is the young and talented Kaycie Jade and her wide array of art work is on display all the time.
We also run Reiki 1 & 2 and master/teacher Courses, Basic and intermediate Crystal Courses and Pellowah 1 & 2 courses. Information can be found on our website.
We carry a large range of Hypnosis CD's by World Renowned Hypnotherapist Dr Rick Collingwood. Rick has had outstanding result from his range of self hypnosis CD's with more than 50 titles available in the range to choose from you can get the unlimited opportunities to improve your life.


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