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About Us:

Throughout my life I have accomplished a varied and comprehensive list of qualifications that have combined to form a potent combination of possibilities to support people’s wellbeing and vitality, within my community and beyond. These experiences incorporate my professional careers in teaching, environmental management, my community service roles and currently as a Relationships Educator and Individual, Couples and Family Counsellor as well as my ongoing spiritual journey.

I am passionate about supporting individuals, couples, families, that is all relationships to thrive and live a life filled with happiness and the resilience to weather the inevitable rough patches and stressors that are part of living this life.

I utilise a diverse range of theories based in the humanistic and systemic schools. These schools are client and relationally focused where you are viewed as being the expert in your life. My role as a counsellor is to walk along beside you supporting you to uncover your own truths and understandings about your inner world and your relationships.

I have a broad range of experience and can support you in the following areas:
• Trauma and abuse,
• Domestic and family violence,
• Anxiety,
• Depression,
• Stress,
• Anger,
• Grief and loss,
• Those impacted by suicide,
• Intimate or family relationship issues
• Life challenges/events such as separation/divorce, job loss
• Self esteem/self worth.

I would love to welcome you into my practice. My aim is to create a safe, trusting and non-judgmental, empathetic space where you can deeply explore your inner world and connections with others.

I am a registered counsellor with PACFA and a member of Maitland Mental Health Practitioners Network. I strongly believe in the need for ongoing professional development and supervision to ensure that I am using the most up to date tools and providing the best possible care for you, your partner’s or family’s healing journey.

How We're Handling Covid:

I respect a person's right to medical privacy and believe in pro-choice. I welcome all people to my practice.


I have been privileged to be guided by Cathy in several Journey processes. Her earthy humility and amazing sense of humour have allowed me to comfortably explore deep patterns of abuse from my childhood, examine them and move on. She has encouraged me to see beyond the individual events to there broader implications in my life. This work has been really healing for me and my family. Fi


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