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About Us:

Computer Teacher One-on-One Training
Are you struggling to learn new technologies?
Need to update your skills for work?
Starting a new business and feel overwhelmed?
Is your computer a mess & you’re losing passwords?
Beginners to Advanced Computer & Phone
*NDIS participants *Workers Comp *Business owners *Seniors *Employees
We start your training at your level of understanding

How We're Handling Covid:

We work with clients online to help them not feel so isolated and teach them to use technology - computers - phones - iPads etc


I just completed a basic computer training course with Computer Coach Australia and I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the excellent training and service received. Not only was I able to learn basic computer skills, but Susie my Computer Coach, also provided her expertise on my Laptop which was several years old and had never been updated nor used since purchased in 2012. The laptop needed quite a bit of work and Susie took the time to update windows and other applications and then help me become familiar with my laptop at no charge!! I seriously was not expecting this value-add service.

Susie is an excellent trainer and an absolutely lovely, friendly, and professional person who loves to provide value to ensure her students are happy with the outcome. She has a very professional and friendly approach and communicates clearly and has the patience to guide me through basics until I was comfortable. Having had no previous experience with computers, I was amazed at how much I learned and how much confidence I got from the sessions.

I was not expecting this level of care and am very grateful I had the best trainer ever. I would recommend Computer Coach Australia to anyone who is interested in computer training at whatever level as she is very experienced and just a great person who is very caring and accommodating. And thank you Susie my very own Computer Coach!


I had the pleasure of receiving training from Computer Coach Australia. Suzy was my computer teacher and I was helped to upgrade my computer skill level. I found Susie to be a fantastic trainer. Very friendly, and very efficient on follow up. Susie was very informative and had a clear teaching style, tailoring lessons to suit my needs and current computer skills level.

I am very grateful to have had Computer Coach Australia’s help and to have landed in the hands of such capable trainers. Susie was very encouraging taking extra time to ensure all necessary areas were covered. If it wasn’t for her help, I would be nowhere near as confident and I can’t wait to get these skills into practice.

I Would highly recommend Computer Coach Australia to help with any upgrading of computer skills and to become more confident navigating around computer systems. I cannot thank you enough for all the help.


“Computer Coach Australia gives immense value. It is priceless empowering people. It’s not about saving money for people in my eyes, it’s about putting crayons of the future into people’s hands. Most importantly, keeping people engaged because technology otherwise diminishes people. This is something both alarming and troublesome. They offer this exceptional service and hold deep ethics too. I never once felt a ring of shame at my lack of technical sophistication. This is a rare gift. In fact, I moved forward today in ways that helped me greatly. It moved me to the next gateway, with my feet firmly planted and also more confident. How good is that!” – Nicola 2018


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