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About Us:

Our goal is to incorporate a gift shop with crystals, Bio Mat healings, jewelry, new age, Tarot, protective/cleansing items & functional fashion for all ages. Looking for the unique is near impossible, but not at Crystal Box we're committed to being your source for the new and innovative gift lines, healing & protection items that are created in house, more than 85% of the stock is our own original designs & concepts that we exclusively make on the premises. We can also help you with your own ideas or concepts that need manifesting in our reality, *White Light only!*.So come in and have a chat to us we're here to help in any way we can. Blessings, Love & Light.

How We're Handling Covid:

It’s up and down exhausting for shop owners that have been in the front lines of the ridiculous demands thrown upon us by our Government to become their own involuntary Gestapo soldiers for the last 2 years, other wise well be fined.


Thank you so much. I was told that I was totally going to meet my tribe soon and then I meet you guys and it's so amazing. In the last year I've been threw so much and changed so much. One of the major things I did was I got rid of the friendships and family member relationships that were toxic or made me doubt who I truly was. U and your daughter have amazing auras and your shop is a gift in itself. People need to have this kind of healing and love in there lives. But I have noticed that they are so shut off to it. I have told as many people I can about your amazing place and I can't wait to bring my girlfriend in and show her. I will come in this week. 🤩


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