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About Us:

If you have never danced before but have a desire to learn, to improve and maintain your fitness level and keep an active mind,
Come and learn to dance in a fun, friendly and supportive environment.

Dance is a creative form of movement that fosters confidence and self-awareness. It brings us together and helps us connect with other humans that share the same interest and love for dance.

Start Dance Classes and You Will:
Learn a New Skill
Improve Confidence on The Dance Floor and in Everyday Life
Feel Stronger In Your Body and Mind
Increase Your Self-esteem
Improve Your Social Skills
Make New Friends
Experience Energy Boost and Stress Relieve
Learn to Let Go, Have A Go and Have Fun

Take the first step and sign up for Beginners Classes!
Let us take care of the rest!
You will love it, we promise you!
Warning! Dancing is Addictive! Once You Start You Can't Ever Stop!

How We're Handling Covid:

We keep the numbers within the recommended venue limit.


I have been dancing for many years in different schools and at Dance Buzz for the last 11 years. The difference is that the majority of schools dance by routine. With Rea you learn how to lead and follow so you can dance the steps in any order you wish which gives you a total freedom of expression. That makes dancing interesting and fun. I love dancing and learning at Dance Buzz and I hope I will be dancing for many more years.
Thank you so much Rea & Peter for all your help getting us ready for our wedding dance! A few little slips, but incredibly fun! Can't wait to catch up with everyone again soon!
Charmain & Daniel
We found Dance Buzz on the Internet while having repetitively negative issues with our teenage son and thought dance lessons might help. We also joined dancing with him to distract us from somewhat midlife boredom.
Rea provides well structured professional teaching but at the same time caring and personal. Her lessons are easy to understand and very enjoyable.
Dance Buzz has a strong community of dancers providing selfless guidance and wonderful support to all.
There are ample opportunities and encouragement for the group to participate in events outside classes. There is a fun loving, curious and romantic essence present. A group of lovely generous people involved, tirelessly teaching, fabulous and inspiring dancing, that also describes Rea, Peter and the whole Dance Buzz community
Peter and Rea, your kind words of encouragement, training and wisdom have made its mark.
We now dance with confidence when we have the opportunity. Definitely a bucket list tick off.
Our teenager’s issues have resolved positively and the “dance therapy” has also reflected on our marriage.
PS. Naturally I’ve turned out to be the better dancer but I am told I need more training! 😁
Rea, I want to thank you for your classes and the dedication you have to us. You work hard and you are a good teacher. I have watched you dance and I have a lot of admiration for the hours of discipline and training. It is a source of beauty and gracefulness. I hope the worry caused with current restrictions impacting dance studios doesn’t sap your love and that the appreciation for dancing will continue to be motivation above all else.


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