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About Us:

Wendy de Graaf is a Mortgage and Finance Broker in Brisbane with a mission to ease the financial stress on Australian families.

Through personal experience, Wendy knows the stress that comes with finding oneself in financial difficulty. Both individuals and families can benefit from Wendy’s experience and knowledge of the Mortgage Industry. So having access to the services of a person with this knowledge, experience, skill and heart, serves to make lives easier. Wendy is a big believer that no Australian should have to lose their family home, and that no Australian should have to go bankrupt. There is always a solution for whatever financial stress you find yourself in.

But you need to do the research, and ask the right questions.

If you are looking for an experienced and well established Finance Broker Brisbane based, call Wendy de Graaf!

How We're Handling Covid:

Not really handling it at all and can not beleive how many people are a sleep. You just couldn't make this up!!!!!


“ Wendy you have gone above and beyond to help me…”

“Wendy you have gone above and beyond to help me with refinancing and settlement. Can not thank you enough. The early mornings, the tears, the frustration, you were there with me the whole way keeping my mind at ease, giving guidance and understanding, always with a smile. Highly recommend to anyone and everyone. Thank you so very much.”

~Caroline Godfrey, Brisbane West

“ I told them too little too late – the buggers! “

“…I must tell you about my current lender – one of the big 4. Once they saw my mortgage discharge form I had someone from “Retention” phone me wanting to know if I would stay if they could give me a good interest rate and if they could see if I could get the $70k in equity I was looking for. Now they wanted me to be honest and they will listen – that’s what the representative said. You know, before I came to you I went to my existing lender. They would not give me a variable interest rate < 3%. I would get 3.4% and only $30k. That’s all I could afford they told me. Yet, I said that I’ve been paying a few hundred more for the last 5 years for my current loan without skipping a beat so by what logic can I not afford the new cheaper loan? I was told that they have “procedures” to follow. NOW they say I can afford $70k and they can give me < 3%. Not 2.19 but < 3% - that’s the best they can do. Will I think about it? They asked. I said yes I’ll think about it. But I chose to go with ChoiceLend (your recommendation). I let them know and then they came back again and then said they can give me 2.19%. I told them too little too late – the buggers! I’m glad I’m going to the lender you got for us. Really! ”

~ Patrick Arendse, Brisbane


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