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About Us:

We are so glad that you have decided to visit Detox and Cure as it shows us that you are serious about your health and are prepared to make a commitment to yourself.

Let’s face it, your health is your first form of wealth.

It’s easy to focus on big health achievements like losing weight, recovering from a disease, but over time we have come to realize that it is the day to day things that we do which have the greatest impact on our health.

Every day we make choices that either contribute to our health, or take away from it. Over the years to come we will be with you on the journey as you learn about a whole bunch of things that you can choose to add to your lifestyle to Detox and Cure.

We will also shed some light on some of the common, yet overlooked, nasty things that you would benefit from removing from your life as soon as possible.

Get ready to be surprised.

The information we are going to share with you is designed to empower you to make the best possible choices when it comes to creating radiant health.

How much you get out of what we have to share here depends on how much you choose to implement what you learn into your everyday life.

Remember, you are the creator of your own reality. We recommend you make a commitment to do the work you identify that you need to, and you will see your life change in ways that you may not have even imagined.

Detox and Cure is about living holistically and caring for yourself naturally without all the harsh chemicals that are put into our food and cleaning products which are causing all sorts of damages.

Over time all these chemicals lead to health issues such as inflammation and toxicity in our bodies. We are experiencing more allergies and food intolerance than ever before. Unfortunately, over time leaving these things untreated can lead to serious health concerns.

At Detox and Cure were all about living a holistic life, being happier and healthier. Sometimes you need to be willing to experiment with different ideas because what works for one person may not work for somebody else.

At Detox and Cure, we are committed to providing inspiring information about how you can live a more fulfilling healthy life. In our opinion, wellness encapsulates our physical bodies, our mental health, our spiritual wellbeing, our emotional quotient and our environmental influences.

All these factors are interconnected, which is why Detox and Cure provide a variety of information so that you can incorporate these things into your everyday lifestyle and be the healthiest, happiest you for a fulfilling healthy life.

When it comes to health and wellness, one-size does not fit all, but some of the fundamentals will always stay the same. It is important that we maintain a diet which is rich in multimineral and vitamins. Sometimes we need to supplement multimineral and vitamins to ensure that our bodies are functioning effectively.

Holistic healing has been around for centuries but it’s not perfect. Our preference is to focus on natural remedies and healing, however, we acknowledge that modern Western medicine has its place as well. But if we could find a way to incorporate holistic healing with Western medicine we may have the answer to so many questions.

At Detox and Cure we focus on sharing our learning and information about:

Natural approaches for:

Stress management
How to remove toxins from your body
Boosting energy levels
Shedding unwanted weight
Foods and nutrition:

What are the harmful ingredients which are common in processed foods
How to identify healthier options
The marketing tricks and deceptions on food packaging
Understanding what some of those complicated scientific words mean
Pharmaceutical and herbal supplements
Ideas and tips:

Cleanse your organs and improve your digestion
Mental health and wellness
Creating healthy habits
The impact of dietary and environmental toxins
You will also learn how to make healthy purchasing decisions in the grocery store that can create a lifelong habit of choosing healthy food.

We do the best that we can to provide updated content for your curiosity, needs, and enjoyment.

Can’t get enough Detox and Cure here?

Join us for more content that you won’t find on other platforms. We are active on all major social media spaces, and on a few you might only just be hearing about like Telegram, Steemit, Busy, and DTube.

The core focus we bring to you is clearly around Sea Moss. What we have personally experienced with this seaweed over the years has been nothing short of amazing.

Adding Sea Moss to a wide range of dishes has also helped us with expanding our style of cooking. As a plant based alternative to gelatin this works really well to help with thickening.

We have crafted a range or recipes that you an follow which make it easier to find ways to use this versatile seaweed. These are being added to frequently, so make sure you subscribe to keep up with what’s going on.

How you prepare this is completely up to you. Most of our Customers prefer to make their own Sea Moss Gel to add to recipes as they see fit. Others have shared with us that they prefer to add the whole seaweed to soups, salads and other dishes in a whole, non-blended form.


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