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About Us:

Hi there,
I am an intuitive psychic and medium. Since a young age I have been able to see spirits and communicate openly with them. I communicate with loved ones and pets that have passed over. It is often a regular occurrence at my home to have spirit animals pop in and stay for a while. Throughout my life I have had a close connection with animals through work and spiritual communication allowing me to help them heal, and feel at ease.

I have been guiding and helping people with my psychic and mediumship for over 30 years.

As a Medium I help people communicate with those who have passed, allowing them to heal or feel more connected. As an Intuitive Psychic I can help guide people to a clearer insight in their everyday life.

My purpose in life is as a psychic, medium and healer helping others to heal and guide them in their lives, assisting them also on their own spiritual journey.

I can help you to discover more about matters relating to work, money, love, career and family.

You will benefit from my psychic intuition to help you to have more insight into the choices ahead of you and being able to guide you on your path. I am also an intuitive healer and reiki practitioner; who helps people to feel better on all levels, mind body and spirit.

Sarah x


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