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About Us:

ESD Australia teaches proven methodologies through empowering education to prevent and respond to violence in real time through a unique fusion of verbal, emotional, psychological and physical self-defence techniques. Head Instructor Antonella teaches everyone to reconnect with their inner power to give the tools and confidence to assert your right to feel safe by setting boundaries and respond in real time before situations escalate. Take your power back and stand in your truth.

How We're Handling Covid:

ESD Australia welcomes everyone and does not discriminate and will never ask for your personal medical details. I have been teaching children at OSCH, primary and secondary schools and NDIS. Because of the mandates I am no longer allowed to teach in person and children are missing out on vital education around standing up against bullies. Consequently my income to provide for my family has significantly reduced and my goals and aspirations has been stunted. I have had to take my business online which is not ideal need to depend on social marketing which is not my strength. But we will not play victims and we are connecting with like minded people and adjusting our approach.


Just do it! Leave any concepts that you have about self defence, this is different!!
I'm so glad that is was not just focused on physical defence.
Do It! Every women and age would benefit.


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