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About Us:

We are all born with a unique personality and gifts. Ideally, from our early years onwards, we would be nurtured and supported all in a way that would allow us to express our full potential. However, it is almost never a smooth and easy ride. Many of us experience setbacks, traumatic events and losses. Some of our most precious aspects are modified or limited by social norms, family dynamics and schooling. Some become so good at ‘wearing a mask’ that they no longer remember who they are and what they really want.

My goal is that through our sessions you not only heal from the emotional pain and distress that brought you to therapy in the first place, but also find yourself again (or, for the first time!) and retrieve the parts of yourself that went lost or forgotten due to loss, trauma, conditioning and/or addictions.

I can help you recover from a number of issues, such as;

Addictions (to alcohol, drugs, prescription medications, gambling, internet)
Personality Disorders
Grief and loss
Co-dependency and other relationship issues
Trauma and PTSD
Life transitions
Sleep disturbances


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