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About Us:

Bringing gardens to life. We Consult. We Design. We Construct. We Renovate. We Maintain, Swell Gardens.
A great garden starts with a great design. No two gardens are exactly the same – every garden has its own story, own meaning, and purpose. Every garden needs to be unique. Groundswell’s 20+ years experience has been built on this philosophy, which has given life to beautifully inspired gardens all over Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs – both large and small.
Passion and creativity drive our business. Natural elements and sustainable design practices feed into our creative process to create individual and imaginative gardens that work with the landscape, harmonising with their surroundings and meeting the functional needs of the space with minimal disturbance to the existing landscape.
Groundswell design gardens of all sizes, but specialise in the construction of small to medium sized gardens that are a little on the wild & exotic side. Our designs are memorable – creatively blending styles, influences and genres into original and bold garden designs that are renowned for their eclectic and untamed qualities.
We can manage every part of the landscaping process from concept to construction – either from start to finish
or stage by stage. Groundswell are eco-savvy and use sustainable products wherever possible. We use (and encourage the use of) Australian-made and sourced products.


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