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About Us:

Health For Life Penergetics is a brand representative to Penergetics Australia.

- Aquakat is Spring Quality Water on Tap, the Revolutionary Swiss Water Purification and Vitalisation Technology. AquaKat technology transforms water into fresh, quality spring water by Purifying, Vitalising, Oxygenating and Mineralising the water without the need for any filtration system.
The result is tasty, healthy water you and your body will love.

- Svitec/Rayguard are two technologies combined for protection of harmful EMFs (Electromagnetic Frequencies). SVITEC products utilising Swiss Vitalisation Technology enhancing your body's health and wellbeing, and protecting you from negative effects of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF).
Scientifically tested and approved by World Institutes.

- Penergetic products provide a complete solution for plants, animals, humans and agriculture based on natural bio technology, improving and supporting weakened environmental processes with lasting stability. Not only do Penergetic products deal with the symptoms, they go right to the root cause of the problem. Sustainability can only be achieved by healing our environment in its entirety.
Working with the Impulse of Nature for over 20years.
Swiss technology.

How We're Handling Covid:

Keeping my Immune System healthy


Nicole Hoeksema
Glass House Mountains
30th Jan 2020

UPDATE!!! 30.1.20
my Tank water had 52 forms of E.Coli detected but my Tap water had NIL detected.
Fellow who did the testing was quite amazed as he has only seen the complete removal of E.Coli via an ultraviolet light system. One of the best purchases I have ever made I must say!! Pretty darn happy with these results and only a once off very reasonable purchase cost with no ongoing maintenance or cartridge replacements!!!
I was concerned that my Pony was not drinking enough water to now having to top up his water frequently! I also am in love with AquaKat and after starting with the disks, then a portable, I am that impressed that I have now put a 1 inch on my house so all my water is now AquaKat! You can taste the difference!

- The FRIDGE FRESH is also just amazing and everything lasts so much longer, I buy organic food so I definitely want it to last as long as possible, this product is well worth the small purchase cost!
I highly recommend the Penergetics products you will not be disappointed!!

2nd Review
Raymond Marchesi
Perth - Western Australia
SVITEC CAR and PHONE CHIPS: These are amazing. The phone chips I can confirm with energy testing that they remove all the damaging radiation emitted from the phone. Remarkably these chips do not impregnate over time and after 6 months of use their potency of action is unchanged. I am very impressed.
The car chips really do create a light airy feeling within the vehicle. As an electrosensitive, cars are usually a hazardous environment for me. And lethargy including also. After a trip I can sincerely say I no longer experience that tiredness not the other sensitivity symptoms I would normally. It feels to me that the car environment in now harmonised. I have these on three vehicles and amazingly I believe that there has been a positive benefit to the mechanical functioning of the cars also. All three cars feel subtly smoother to driver and fuel use is also slightly, but noticeably, less. I am certain of these effects. Remarkable technology.


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