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About Us:

My intention is to nourish your body for optimal health and wellness.

How We're Handling Covid:

Educating people about the true data and the bigger threat - loss of freedom!


Thought it was about time I shared some of experiences during my Healthelicious Bar and Slice challenge.

I began slowly with the bars in the order you suggested and will attempt to talk about some of the more interesting results and experiences.

On the taste side, I found them all mostly to be quite palatable. The hardest one for me to eat was definitely the Thin & Satisfied. I found it a little nasty to eat but the peppery taste and smooth consistency just made it edible for me. On the up side, I had half the bar at 10 am at work and it kept me awake all day, even on the train trip home where without fail, I always fall asleep! I however had so much energy I found it hard to wind down that night. It’s a dangerously energetic bar indeed.

I also found the Bug Out Bar to be quite strong but palatable. All the other bars were pretty easy to eat and tasted fine.

I ate the bars in halves for breakfast and found I went a good 3 hours before I felt hungry. This was great as previous to this I found I would eat breakfast and be hungry very soon after. In fact I found I would eat more and more just to stop feeling hungry. After finishing the bars, I have been taking half a Nutrition Booster Bar daily at breakfast and as with the other bars feel full and satisfied. I also find that my muscles have energy. This is most noticeable walking up and down the 48 stairs at the railway station daily and when I go to the gym after work after being awake for 15 hours. Previous to Healthelicious, I could feel my muscles always feeling empty and constantly feeling hungry no matter what I ate.

Can you tell I am loving the bars? I have more energy and it’s awesome. I love that the nutrients I was obviously lacking could be squished so beautifully into a ’super bar’.

Love your work Tom!
Both Ben and I are quite impressed with the results. Two huge differences we’ve noticed is increased stamina, and sharpness of the mind.
An update on my experience with Healthelicious greens:

As discussed earlier I contracted the hepatitis C virus circa 1992. There are no immediate symptoms as progresses slowly usually resulting in sclerosis of the liver becoming serious at about twenty years after contact.

I have been treated, threatened and harassed by the medical community for no benefit.

The main reason for my general wellbeingness is I give the virus no power over me. I continuously seek out natural nutrition products that make me feel well.

The most consistent of these is when I nourish my body with your green mix and find it to be the only supplement to provide noticeable improvement. I notice it mostly within days of running out of supply. The taste has grown to be one of my favourites.

I recommend your products to many people in the hope they are aware that our health is something no one can do for you or can take from you - and what’s the point of feeling anything other than great?


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