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About Us:

We are a small family-based natural skincare business in Broome, Western Australia

We make unique, small batch, handcrafted natural soaps, candles, skin care products, essential oil blends and gifts. Our inspiration is from the plants, colours, textures and atmosphere of beautiful Broome and the wild Kimberley region beyond. Our ingredients are high quality, natural and plant derived and we love to make beautiful items for personal care which lift our spirits and reduce the prevalence of toxins in our lives. We work onsite to develop, manufacture, sell, package and dispatch our products to our high standards. Since 1995 we have gradually built a large “extended family” of loyal Hidden Valley customers. We'd love to have you join us :)

How We're Handling Covid:

We do not discriminate or ask questions about people's medical choices. We believe in the power of plants to assist our health and immune systems. Covid registration and sanitizer are available for those who wish to use them.


Ali knows how I feel. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! I have been using Hidden Valley soap for over 16 years now and I can not use any other soap. Oh I’ve tried and nothing is like my little square pieces of loving deliciousness. Your soap is the Signature of Broome! Its a part of Broome, and for me, now 5 years since having left there, I always feel a little part of me still there each and every day. I also feel the texture, the smell, the colours no other soap has ever compared! I love ordering, and I absolutely LOVE receiving my package in the mail. THANKYOU xxxxx Krisha

Your 'Midgie Magic' should win awards (if it hasn't already) It was recommended to me by a friend for my daughter that suffers from bad reactions from mosquitoes. I love that I no longer have to treat her with antihistamines. The cream is a natural miracle!!! Amy

As an ex cosmetic nurse I often find it frustrating when skin care companies promise and underdeliver. I have tried many over the years. I decided to shop at Hidden Valley because I wanted a natural product that works. I could see from the ingredients listed there was some good properties in here. When speaking to Alison I could sense her passion and knowledge for her products.I absolutely love all of the products I bought. Emma


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