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About Us:

We are a small, friendly gym with so much under one roof! We offer a range of functional fitness training along with Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Small groups or private sessions are available for all levels. Our onsite sports therapist is available to assist with injury recovery and prevention through rehabilitative exercise alongside manual therapy, including remedial massage, cupping, taping and dry needling. Health and nutrition coaching sessions are another option to add to your package when needed. We also have our own onsite hypnotherapist available to help increase your personal performance goals. Whether your goal is to to improve your overall health and fitness or to ultimately train to fight in the ring, we welcome you!

How We're Handling Covid:

Our gym operates as usual with our usual cleaning and hygiene practices in place. We believe a healthy lifestyle builds a better immunity and this is encouraged as best we can in our gym. We do not discriminate and respect all clients health privacy.


"I have been attending Hit'n'Fit for 5 years. I try and come 5 days a week and I hate to miss a class. The classes are varied and suited to everyone with different options which Tash explains during the class. I love the small group and feel like we are having a personal training session as Tash can make sure every exercise is getting done correctly to avoid injuries from incorrect form. It is a very friendly group so not only do we get fit, we enjoy ourselves". - Margaret.
"Thanks to Luke with his training skills and patience in my sessions I've been able to reach goals I never thought I could. Love the options available all in one place and the friendly atmosphere in this gym!". - Paul


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