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About Us:

I work with the 5 elements of a human: conscious, subconscious, energetic, soul and cellular levels, to enable my clients to empower themselves to reclaim their divine sovereign selves and remembering that they are unconditional love.

How We're Handling Covid:



I had a deeply moving experience with Samantha-Jayne working through a healing/cleansing process to release generational baggage. I maybe hadn't quite realised just how much stuff I have been hanging onto... I find myself thinking about it everyday & finding new little nuggets of revelation. The DNA repair journey was enlightening. I'm reading & rereading the notes I made, they're up on the wall in my loo so I can really absorb what I learnt. And boy did I learn a thing or 2!It can be difficult to connect via Zoom, but in many ways it was more comfy to be at home on the couch with a cup of tea. As someone who needs to do a much kinder job of my internal processes surrounding family of origin, this has been so, so helpful. Sam is such a beautiful person too, so genuine & kind. I was in tears a couple of times & she held space for me in those really confronting moments. I feel much more able to move myself forward & I am far clearer on where I need to focus my energies & attention to heal myself. ~ Jane H. (Melbourne)

Sam is extremely intuitive, and absolutely accurate, plus she radiates such great energy! ~ Kirstzen J. (Adelaide)


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