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Purchase a Gift Voucher from this business, present your receipt in-store and the amount will be taken off your total bill. Today's purchase will go towards supporting small businesses. It's a simple, effective way you and your local business owner can help your local community.


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About Us:

I am a holistic healer of over Twenty years experience. I have performed healings, readings, spiritual guidance, TFT, pranic healing and shamanism regressions. I feel now after Ten years pursuing other ventures it's time to tap back into my natural gifts. My main aim now is to extract Mrna from the body and sever the chord which binds people to the dark force. As well as guidance to their true potential.

How We're Handling Covid:

Not a problem as I am a bit of a recluse so I haven't struggled too much. Plus positivity is the key to sanity.


I have had quite a following in the past but, had to leave healing for a while due to feeling drained as I wasn't protecting myself enough. Plus I'm an empath so I took on too much responsibility.


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