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Gift Voucher Business!

Purchase a Gift Voucher from this business, present your receipt in-store and the amount will be taken off your total bill. Today's purchase will go towards supporting small businesses. It's a simple, effective way you and your local business owner can help your local community.


  • Only ONE voucher unit is redeemable.
  • Multiple vouchers will NOT be redeemable.
  • NEW customers only.


    About Us:

    Love Me Forever is a high class (mostly) ladies fashion consignment store.
    Preloved at it's finest. Higher brands in excellent new & near new condition.
    50% of every sale goes back to someone in our community + food & shelter is provided for a homeless child with every item sold.
    We are always looking for new customers as well as new consignors!
    If you can sell your items by yourself, that best, but if that is not an option for you, Love Me Forever is the next best place!
    Unsold items (at owners permission) are donated to other charities in need, such as Orphans & Widows (Toowoomba), Jacobs Well (St George).

    How We're Handling Covid:

    Each item bought in is quarantined for 3 days, then steamed & sanitized.
    Every item is re-steamed after each fitting, if not purchased.
    Change rooms are sanitized after each use.
    Pens, counters, door handles are wiped often & more when needed.
    Regular hand washing of staff.
    Hand sanitizer readily available to all who enter.
    Check in QR codes available.


    Recent Returning Customer Comment -
    "I wore the dress I bought here to a special event and so many people commented on it.
    I loved the dress and it made me feel so beautiful & I was glad so many others loved it too!"

    Our 3 top compliments are "Great brands, great quality & great prices!"
    "This is not a second hand store, this is a real store - well done!"


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