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About Us:

Madelaine’s Eggs have been running organically for 20 years, Madeleine started her business when she was eight years old.
Madelaine’s Eggs are certified organic with NASAA.
The hens are truly free range and have access to grass bugs all day long, they’re fed high-quality organic feed producing top-quality eggs which are then delivered direct to restaurants, cafes and greengrocers in Melbourne.

How We're Handling Covid:

Covid has impacted me specially with restaurants and cafes being closed, but it’s also impacted my farmers markets and ability to attend.



Just wanted to thank you for producing the best Eggs I’ve ever eaten! Your dedication to your work and your passion for your hens is super inspiring keep up the great work, Sarah.

My kids get so excited when they see your egg carton in the shop, but they are more excited to eat breakfast every morning! Your eggs make our morning.
Thank you for producing top quality and delicious eggs.


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