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About Us:

Fishing, Cultural Tours, Arts, Aboriginal Culture, Accomodation, Bar & Restuarant

How We're Handling Covid:

Commercial & Industrial, Lifestyle Services, Local Services, Fishing, Cultural Tours, Arts, Aboriginal Culture, Accomodation, Bar & Restuarant


Our lodge has an exclusive licence from the Tiwi people our family that allow our guests and ourselves to fish in the Tiwi waterways. Hence, when you are a guest of our lodge, you are gaining exclusive access to some of the most stunning waterways in the Southern Hemisphere here at Clearwater Island Lodge! Successfully Run by a very proud Tiwi
family supported by Munupi families for over 20 years.
We have been honoured to host many fishing experts, like Rex Hunt, Mark Berg and Andrew Ettinghausen that endorse CWIL lodge, you know it must be world class!
With fishing legends Rex Hunt, Mark Berg and Andrew Ettinghausen (ET), Micah Adams have come to film their TV programs here at Clearwater Island Lodge, you know we must be doing so many things right to keep kicking goals over the years!
In recent times, these Aussie fishing icons have been guests of Clearwater Island Lodge, together with their camera crews and producers.
They have raved about the Barra-filled estuaries and Rex even commented, “The Black Jewfish of this region are the best and most prolific I have found anywhere!”
Aside from the superb fishing around the lodge on Munupi waterways & many other proud Tiwi families supporting us within employing only Tiwi's and supporting every family here on the Tiwi Islands for over 30 years this has been and always be the strong foundation created by us all as one family one nation standing strong and powerful in what is our past & present future for families united together as One.
We have a diverse but exquisite list of bush tucker, from land & sea on our menu that can be experienced the home cooked, omg delights of experiencing cultural bush tucker foods their is way to many to name so come join use and experience the down-to-earth, friendly hospitality we offer upon arrival to our Island Paradise.
That the following have over the last 20 years come to experience the wonders of our Tiwi Island Paradise -Steve Starling, Micah Adams, Kaj Bush, Rick Huckstep, Curtis Stone & (Bender) Ben O’Donogohue from Surfing the Menu. The fact that our lodge attracts so many esteemed fishing journalists, Famous celebrities include JC Collins from Powderfinger, Maurice Rioli, Dean Rioli, Michael Long, Dean Lukin, Cyril Jnr Rioli, Daniel Rioli, Willy Rioli Jnr, Basil Campbell (which btw are all family there is not enough space to name everyone but we are always forever blessed to hold them close and dear right here at home so honoured & proud to be apart of the past & present memories created together as One) CEO’s of the Honeywell Corporation to name only a few and TV hosts, is testimony to the fact that our location offers an absolutely unique fishing, cultural family connection & bond within country that we are proud to share the adventures & experiences with you all. Come join us to experience the wonders of our Island Home.


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