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About Us:

We have been operating since 1994 as a cleaning and hospitality supplies family owned business, with big emphasis on good old fashioned customer service both in store and online

How We're Handling Covid:

Very Well


Darren Dwyer
Local Guide·30 reviews
6 days agoNEW
Its a shame there are only 5 stars as I would give more. Have called them twice and both times spoken to a lady called "Sam" and her knowledge and customer service over the phone was impeccable. It was in regard to an Oates product and after 3 calls to Oates with no courtesy shown with a reply, Sam answered all of my questions and made a sale. I am in Victoria and they are in QLD and the freight they charged was extraordinarily low. That is, they clearly are not profiting from freight as so many companies do. At the time, I only needed 1 item but because of her service and their extremely low prices, I purchased 2 items and I am also going to speak to others who I know will use this product and be placing future orders with them. Great company in every respect and highly recommended no matter what state you are in. It is just a shame that the products are from Oates.

Michelle Gibson
Fantastic service, staff polite & so patient, thankyou. Would recommend them to everyone

christy drummond
4 months ago
Always helpful when I have questions and always get such lovely service 👍 also they have everything I need for my cleaning business.


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