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Purchase a Gift Voucher from this business, present your receipt in-store and the amount will be taken off your total bill. Today's purchase will go towards supporting small businesses. It's a simple, effective way you and your local business owner can help your local community.


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About Us:

PILOTWINECO. is family owned & operated business located in McLaren Flat South Australia that produces tantalising wine.

PILOTWINECO. was created to enable us to have more control over the produce & winemaking styles, to then be able to share the fruits of our family’s labour directly with the public, friends & family.

We welcome you to crack open a bottle of PILOTWINECO. wine and enjoy the flight.

How We're Handling Covid:

We believe that everybody deserves the dignity to be able to take full responsibility of their existence.
We do not foster discrimination or segregation, us humans are only here on earth for a short period of time and we firmly believe that we should live through love and without fear.
We need to be our own leaders, and stand up for what we feel is right.
Everyone is welcome to enjoy our wine, and we will never encroach on your privacy.


Produces a fantastic wine to be enjoyed with friends and family! - Kimberley Smith, SA

PILOWWINECO. is keeping it real, they simply produce a great drop and are not interested in what their customer's personal choices in life are - Andrew, QLD


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