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    About Us:

    I am naturopath / nutritionist using a variety of tools to help facilitate healing on all levels starting with clearing obstacles to healing both physically and emotionally then identifying root causes to health conditions and finally using food and lifestyle medicine to encourage the body heal naturally.

    How We're Handling Covid:

    Other people can choose their own way to handle it. I trust my immune system and won't be discriminating against anyone.


    I will always be grateful for the coaching I did with Karen in 2018. At the time I suffered from severe reflux that was damaging my oesophagus and bloating that left me feeling uncomfortable and unable to wear my ‘normal’ wardrobe. Karen worked with me to change my diet and lifestyle at a manageable pace, and I can now say that I am symptom free and no longer suffer burning when I eat spicy foods or any foods. Linda M NSW

    I love how Karen taught me about the hormone balancing products in my home and my life. I think people need to know what these everyday things are doing their health. Kerrie D NSW

    Karen was my health coach for three months. She shared her wealth of knowledge about nutrition, whilst supporting my physical and emotional needs. I felt better within days and by three weeks I felt like a new person. She coached me through my colon cleanse, ready to start juice fasting. I highly recommend Karen as she’s caring, motivating and has inspired me to be my best self. Janet J QLD

    I’m totally off insulin! Blood sugars still a bit high but mostly stable. Absolutely loved the video recommendation. Thanks beyond words for your wisdom and encouragement. I can see light at the end of this tunnel. I will tell all who will listen what a legend you are. Nicky V VIC


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