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About Us:

Providing professional & natural holistic health treatment
My name is Susie I currently have a Bachelor of Health Science, certificate IV in counseling & a qualified drug and alcohol rehabilitation physician, whilst coming from a chef & registered doula (holistic birth support) background. I have been & continue to study natural medicine for over 15 years now since I overcome my health crisis. I’m passionate to deliver professional treatment to all different stages of life, acute to chronic health concerns whilst working with your general practitioner.
I specialize in a wide range of imbalances & conditions from the nervous system through to gastrointestinal issues. I provide scientifically proven therapy to help correct & help manage symptoms....
• Feeling tired
• Headaches
• Feelings of stress that can’t be managed on your own.
• Sleeping issues
• Acute & chronic pain
• Depression & anxiety
• Unmanageable illness
• Weight issues
• Food intolerances


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