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About Us:

I have a way with words and an eye for excellence, I love to write engaging copy, wth visual details to catch the eye of your client or customer. I can make your story, service, product or idea stand out on a whiteboard video that captures them and won't let go.

How We're Handling Covid:

I am being me, and whatever others need in me. No judgement, no stress or angst. I am for peace and understanding. Come and lets see what we can create together.Hello, this is Jan. Welcome to Scribbly Videos.
Did you know that video is one of the best ways to create interest and draw people to your posts? We apparently have the attention span of a goldfish and our interest in what we are looking at fades after about 6 seconds, unless we see something unique to grab our attention.
Watching the hand write and draw is exactly that!
The video engages them in your message and creates enough interest to get the viewer to the very end where your important contact information is, whilst revealing why they need you, your products or your services. That's a winning recipe for social media engagement. Have a look at the videos on the examples page


Jan did an outstanding job for the Logan Combined Chambers of Commerce on our Business Distinction Awards presentation video. It was great to have the awards shown in a new and fresh way.
Jan you are such a joy! Thank you for creating a perfect Scribbly video for my business. You helped me through the process with great patience and creativity. I have recommended you to many of my friends in business and can’t wait to see their Scribbly videos.
Jennifer S
Can highly recommend Jan👏 I love how she has been able to create a piece of unique advertising that conveys your message with humour and wit, really helps to make you stand out from the crowd😊 Thank you Jan!!
Dimity E
Jan's Scribbly videos are amazing her passion for people comes out in the care that she takes to make them unique for each client
Marianne G
Jan quickly understood what was the heart I wanted behind my video. She captured the core of the conference perfectly through the images and placing of the words. I will be using Jan's services again, I highly recommend her scribby videos to showcase your business and/or event. Thank you Jan Morris!
Maree C.N.


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