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About Us:

Therapy and Remedy was created in early 2021 and evolved from an old Facebook page that essentially gave me the confidence to stand up as the real me.
My passion is helping those who've either survived or are living with abuse - specifically narcissistic abuse. And it is my passion because the old me was that person. I was raised (and rejected) by two narcissists and then married to (and divorced from) a third.
But today, I stand strong and proud. I used those experiences to grow and evolve. I am no longer the "bringer of shame" (or many other labels affectionately assigned to me by my family of origin). I am a mother, a wife, and a warrior. I am also a psychic healer, intuitive counsellor, and a soon-to-be qualified mainstream counsellor.
I can see and sense where your emotions are stuck and causing you pain, and I can help you create the right environment for your body and brain to do what it's always been able to do - heal.
I know how hard this journey is, but with support it can be a little easier.


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