Vincent Coyte N.D.

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About Us:

To avoid being constantly unwell and having low immunity, we need to stop doing certain things and adopt some new practices in this toxic world we are now presently living in. To stay well we need to learn how to sanitizing our food, drink, water, supplements and avoid
those things that we cannot fix.
The best news, this places control and power back into your hands and I can help you on the path to achieve this.

How We're Handling Covid:

Health services, medical services and treatment personal have been mandated to fully vaccinated in order to work. I do not consent to the government overreach in mandating a medical intervention as a condition to work, I do not consent to the lockdowns, breaking families apart, bankrupting a lot of businesses, and wearing masks. I do not consent to the government surveillance systems being installed to track and trace me. I do not consent to the government service corporations collecting my biometrics and trading them in digitial IDs.




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