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About Us:

We are a small Vintage shop in the heart of Cohuna. We offer a diverse range of antiques and collectibles. When I was a kid Vintage is the creation of Chris Konopka and his wife Nadiene who moved to Cohuna to live the dream. We opted to move to the country and set up our dream shop before we left it to late to enjoy. Chris sources product from all around Australia and has a keen eye for the unusual and the not so easy to find items. We have a range of rustic and rusty, glass and pottery, weird and wacky, homewares, kitchenalia and garagenalia.

How We're Handling Covid:

We have had to close down several times over the past two years. The lack of tourists has really had a major impact on our ability to generate income, we are not sure how much longer we will be able to survive. Selling online has been our saving grace but the fees associated with the online sellers such as Ebay have been an extra strain. It takes a long time to list items as every item is unique.


When I was a kid Vintage, great name for a shop!

This is our favourite shop, we love coming in here!


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